CN! Mental Health Speaker Series

Time: 9:00am - 3:30pm MST
Location: Cardel Theatre 180 Quarry Park Boulevard Calgary, AB T2C 3G3

Hear from Industry leaders about various tools, ideas, and information to help you build your own Mental Wellness Tool Kit.

About this Event

This is a speaker series like No Other! Come and build your own mental wellness tool kits! *LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE!

Hear from industry leaders… not about mental health but about tools we can incorporate into work, school, home life…

In the morning we will hear from business leaders about what they do. In the afternoon we will story tell about life and break some stigmas.


Lunch is included!


Emcee: Peter Lafontaine; Business & Technology Leader, Change Agent, Sales & Marketing Excellence, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Social Good Interloper.

Panel led by Jade Alberts; Strategist / Influencer That Tells It Like It Is.


Jim Gibson; Partner of Thin Air Labs, Author and Influencer

Tom Morin; Author,speaker, consultant & coach at Work Feels Good

Karen Judge; Functional Mind Wellness & Happiness Educator

Kurt Kinnear; Community Builder & Leadership Guru, Hubudub

Greg MacGillivray, Managing Director, Scenarios to Strategy Inc.

Koleya Karringten; Executive Director at Alberta Blockchain Consortium

Stacy Richter; The Marketing Mindbender

Les Mottosky; Curious, Creative and Innovation Strategist.

Vanisha Breault; Founder & Executive Director, Terminator Foundation

Garry Woods; CPS Sergeant

Connie Jakob; Speaker, author, connection coach, reimagining environments for wellness

Ken Goldstein; Managing Director, The Goldstein Group

Jill Quirk; Educator, STEM Leader

Kristylee Christensen Fehr; Community member, mom, survivor of abuse.

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